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Our history

The Centre  régional de Loisirs cuturels inc. is a non-profit organization that greatly contributes to the development of the regional Francophone community.


Located in the heart of Northern Ontario, halfway between Hearst and Cochrane on road 11, the Centre régional de Loisirs culturels inc. of Kapuskasing is a unique cultural and recreational service center for the community. The Center serves a French-speaking population estimated at approximately 9,000 people, extending from Opasatika to Smooth Rock Falls, including not only the urban population of Kapuskasing but also that of the surrounding villages without any comparable municipal or community services. Led by a board of directors made up of nine elected members, supported by ten permanent employees, approximately four hundred volunteers and five hundred and fifty members, the Center has become, over the years, the pillar of the regional Francophonie. Several committees made up of volunteers and permanent staff meet periodically to plan, execute and evaluate artistic, cultural, social and sports programming. 


The Centre régional de Loisirs cultuels inc. gradually developed. Equipped with technically well-equipped rooms, the Center now presents a range of activities ranging from shows, exhibitions, workshops to running courses. It organizes social evenings, as well as thematic and educational activities, in addition to promoting local and regional artists and artisans. The Center campaigns for funds, supports and encourages innovative projects to ensure its survival.


  • The Center was founded in 1969 and incorporated in January 1973.

  • The Center really started in 1971 when the Club Richelieu offered it the building that previously housed the Académie d'Youville to carry out its mandate.

  • In 1974, the Center bought the Club Richelieu building and undertook a major renovation.

  • On April 20, 1980, it was the official opening of the new building located at 7, ave Aurora.

  • On July 16, 1990, the Board of Directors retained the services of the firm Osburn Cotnam Bélair to carry out a feasibility study concerning the expansion of the Center (study completed on September 16, 1991).

  • In 1995, the Catholic Separate School Board agreed to transfer the land required for the expansion. Two squash courts, a stained glass workshop, a carpentry workshop and an amphitheater are added to the existing structure.

The Kapuskasing Regional Centre de Loisirs has the mandate to initiate, sponsor and organize activities essential to the development of the Francophone and Francophile community in the region (awareness, animation, participation, creation and development).

The Centre de Loisirs aims to develop, safeguard and disseminate the artistic, cultural, linguistic, socio-community and sporting aspects of the local, regional and provincial Francophone population. It therefore wants to be the place of meetings, activities and groups for people of all ages who share common interests, that is to say, who wish to live and create in French, in order to preserve and develop their language, culture and heritage.

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